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I get it.  I've been there! Reading all the articles, doing all the googling and Whatsapp groups brimming at the seams with forwards.  

There is SO much conflicting information out there.  Newsworthy sensationalism, brands pushing their products and a generally unregulated landscape.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed.


Are you ready to take back control and optimise your life with a professional?

Working with a professional  trained in the latest science,  can help you find a way of eating that suits you and your lifestyle.  It is the quickest and most effective way to transform your health.



Virtual and in-person talks and 1:1 clinic days.   

Workshops include  Eating for Sleep, Gut Health 101, How to Beat the 3pm Slump, Eating for Immunity, Eating for Mental Health, Eating for Female Health, Eating for the Menopause and more.

Clinic Days involve 30 minute 1:1 sessions.  

I adore working with wellness brands that align with my values of integrity, evidence-based science and joy. 

Contact me about opportunities related to ambassador work, menu consultancy, product development and social media content.

Workplace Wellbeing

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I am currently not accepting new 1:1 clients as I am at full capacity. 

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