Sophie’s expertise in nutrition has been recognised and featured in various respected media outlets such as the BBC and Evening Standard. She is also a published author, contributing to books such as ‘Happy Skin Kitchen’ and Anthea Turner’s ‘How to Age Well’. 

Sophie also utilises her platform and knowledge to forge strategic partnerships with like-minded brands, creating engaging content and experiences that bridge the gap between commercial and health industries

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Sophie is generally able to turn projects around in short timeframes. 

quick turnaround time


Sophie breaks topics down in an easily digestible manner. 

What is the point in expertise if people do not understand you!

down-to-earth approach


A graduate of the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition , Sophie Trotman DipION MBANT is a Registered Nutritionist. 

Whether it is for a news publication or a new health app created by a large pharmaceutical company, her expertise is in demand.

source of wellbeing expertise


Sophie used her nutrition expertise to fact-check this book for HarperCollins. 

She also wrote the foreword.

Happy Skin Kitchen: A new plant-based cookbook with over 100 healthy recipes for better skin and a radiant complexion

Sophie wrote the skin nutrition chapter for this successful book!

How to Age Well: The Secrets

Sophie cultivates strategic partnerships with hotels.  She is able to capture social media content, broadcasting this to her engaged, wellbeing-focussed audience and also write reviews from a wellbeing standpoint.



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